TaskMantra is a feature rich, intuitive and easy to use to do list/task management  mobile application for Android.  You can purchase TaskMantra from Android Market.

Never miss another task with this innovative  to do list/task management application with powerful task categorization features. TaskMantra enables you to maintain multiple to do lists under different categories/labels. A unique feature of TaskMantra is you can assign multiple categories to a single task, so the same task can be included in more than one to do list.

For example, you can create a role based category "Spouse" and add a task "Buy Anniversary Gift". Most other applications available in the market will not let you add more than one category to the same task, but with TaskMantra, you can add another  category, say "Shopping List" to the same task. Now, the task to "Buy Anniversary gift" will appear under both categories, "Spouse" as well as "Shopping List". This will enable you to review this task when you want to check what you need to do for your spouse as well as when you want to review  what all you need to buy when you are in a store. There is no limit to how many categories/labels you can add to a task.

You can assign priority  from 1 to 4 and due date to a task. You can sort tasks by due date or priority in ascending as well as descending order. You can also set task reminders on due dates as well as add notes to a task.  The intuitive  Graphical Use Interface of the application makes using these features very easy, but should you need any help on how to use the application, you just need to press Menu > Help in the main to do list screen to access the help content.

New features are frequently added to TaskMantra, and once you buy the application, you will get all the future updates free through the Android market.  

Screen Shots of Key features

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 Press Menu and then select New Task to create a new task   
 Long Press a task to Edit/Delete a task or to Add/Remove Task Categories Edit Task Description , Due Date and   Reminder Option

 Choose a Category/ to-do list from the category  selector to view tasks belonging to the desired  category
 Press Menu and then select Manage Categories to create, rename or delete categories
 Mange Categories Screen
 On the Manage Categories Screen, Long Press a category to rename it
 On the tasks list screen, Long Press the task and choose Task Categories to add  categories/labels to a task or remove categories/labels from a task
 Task Categories Screen: Check the categories to be added to the task, uncheck  the categories to be removed from the task and click Submit

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