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TaskMantra Data Backup

Data Backup to cloud for Android 2.2(Froyo) or later

TaskMantra Version 1.0.5 or later supports  Cloud Data Backup to Google servers for Mobile  Devices with  Android version 2.2 (Froyo) or later and Support for Cloud data backup. If you have a mobile device with android 2.2 (Froyo) or later with support for  cloud data back up, you do not need to worry about losing your to do list/task data in TaskMantra. Every time you make any  changes to your tasks, it is automatically  scheduled to be backed up to Google servers. If you lose your data for some reason (for example, you uninstall and re-install TaskMantra, factory reset your phone or change from one Android phone to another), the backed up data will  be automatically re-stored for you. In order to enable this feature, you will need to make sure that:
  1. Your mobile device (both Android devices in case you change you devices)  has Android Version 2.2 (Froyo) or later.
  2. Your device (both Android devices in case you change you devices) supports Cloud backup to Google servers.
  3. Enable Cloud backup and recovery settings. Now you don't need to worry about losing your TaskMantra to do lists/tasks. Your data will be automatically backed up to google servers and restored if you end up losing it.
Note: How much of your data is restored will depend upon when you made your last change and when the system did the last back up. So, if you need to do a factory reset of your device or take any other action, which would require data recovery from Google servers, it is recommended that you wait  for a couple of hours (preferably more), so that the system gets a chance to complete its scheduled backup after you made your  last change to TaskMantra data. This will ensure recovery of your data up to the latest change you made to your tasks before you lost your data.

How To enable Cloud backup and recovery Settings
 From the Android home screen, press
Menu > Settings 
Press Privacy in  the Settings Menu On the Privacy Settings  Screen, make sure the options to Back up data to Google Servers and automatic restore of data are enabled. If you don't see these options on this screen, cloud data backup may not be supported by your device.

Data Backup and Recovery using SD Card

If available, the  preferred way to Backup and Recover your TaskMantra data is by using Cloud backup to Google Servers as described above. If your device does not support Cloud backup to Google servers, you can still backup your data to SD Card and if needed, recover the data from SD Card as well. You can back up your data as frequently you want, but you should try  data recovery from SD Card only if you have completely  lost your data. The data recovery from SD card will delete all your existing data (if any) and replace it with the backed up data from the SD card.

How to backup data to SD Card
Make sure SD card is mounted on your device.  From the main task/to-do list screen  in TaskMantra, press Menu > More Press Backup Data to SD Card You will see a progress dialog indicating data is being backed up in the SD Card. A success message will be displayed once the backup is complete.
 Any previous back up data file will be renamed with a time stamp added to its name and the latest backed up file will be saved as 
in a directory 
in the SD Card

How to recover data from SD Card
 Make Sure SD Card is mounted on your device. From the main task/to-do list in TaskMantra, press Menu > More Press Recover Data from SD Card You will see a warning message cautioning you that you will lose any existing data, which will be replace the backed up data in the SD Card.  You should press No if you do not want any existing data to be replaced by the backed up data in the SD Card.
 If you press Yes in the previous dialog, you will see a progress dialog indicating the data is being recovered. Data will be recovered from SD card from the latest back up file
under the direcoty 
in the SD Card
 The task/to-do list will  be refreshed to display the restored data.
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