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Most Frequently used Features

How to Use Your TaskMantra App

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 Press Menu and then select New Task to create a new task   
 Long Press a task to Edit/Delete a task or to Add/Remove Task Categories Edit Task Description , Due Date and   Reminder Option

 You can also bring up the "New Task" screen by pressing the + button at the end of the task list (but without entering any task description in the adjacent text box) If you want to create a task quickly just with task description, but without entering due date, priority etc, enter the task description in the text box at the end of the task list and then press the + button. This is handy for creating a quick shopping list or other check lists. On the main Tak List Screen, press Menu -> Settings to set preferences for sorting  the tasks, task reminder preferences and other settings.
 Choose a Category/ to-do list from the category  selector to view tasks belonging to the desired  category
 Press Menu and then select Manage Categories to create, rename or delete categories
 Mange Categories Screen
 On the Manage Categories Screen, Long Press a category to rename it
 On the tasks list screen, Long Press the task and choose Task Categories to add  categories/labels to a task or remove categories/labels from a task
 Task Categories Screen: Check the categories to be added to the task, uncheck  the categories to be removed from the task and click Submit
 If you have set up task reminder for a task, the task reminder notification  icon will appear on the due date at the preferred time on the notification bar (at the top). You can set the preference for whether to vibrate/ring the phone on task reminder notifications using the settings screen (Press Menu > Settings on the main task list to go to the settings screen) If you swipe down the Notification Bar,  the notification bar will expand and you will see the task reminder notification details along with other notifications. Pressing on the notification will take you to the task detail screen so that you can review the task.